Waking Up© (Pre-registration) 1-852711344
By Patricia White


Hudson Chase does not appreciate the blessings in her life. She focuses only on her struggles, which are being a mother to an autistic child, a daughter to two elderly sick parents, a wife disenchanted with her spouse, a woman who can’t afford simple luxuries such as a manicure, and a survivor with breast cancer.
To escape the woes of life, Hudson and her family visit a friend, Rachel, at Candlewood Lake. Hudson complains to Rachel wondering what her life might have been had she not married Jay.
While cruising on the lake, Hudson’s autistic son is distracted when he hears the vibrations of a passing jet ski. He responds by jumping off of the 2nd tier of a pontoon boat, into the water. Hudson scurries to pull him from the path of the jet ski. In doing so, she is struck on the head and is knocked unconscious.
In a comatose state, Hudson dreams scenarios of what her life would have been like had she married three past lovers. She experiences her “perfect” life with each man. She experiences the “What if I married so and so? What would my life have been?” Although each man omits one of Hudson’s current problems, each relationship has its own major drawback.
Each one of these episodes will be contrasted with her current life in a flashback. Hudson’s mind will journey from fantasy to reality, weaving a wonderful web of complexity of being a human with flaws and defects.