Currently in Production is our first feature, Victims.

VICTIMS (Drama/Thriller/Love Triangle) in the vein of Fatal Attraction and based on true events.

​When TONI SPRESSO (17) realizes she cannot cure her emotionally volatile lover, VICTOR TIBLIANO (30) from alcoholism, she attempts to sever their relationship but he would rather see her dead than with another man​.

Victims Synopsis, by Patricia White

Toni Spresso is 17. She cheats on her boyfriend, Cole 18. When he learns of this, he dumps her and then leaves early for college because he knows that will be emotional torture.

To distract herself from the pain, Toni gets involved with a 30 year-old alcoholic bartender, Victor Tibliano. Toni believes she is curing him of alcoholism, but in stealth Victor has been drinking all along. Toni doesn’t realize that Victor is psychotic and violent. He spies on her, masturbates to pictures of her in his car. He also seduces her. Toni cares for Victor, but loves Cole.

Toni then learns she is pregnant with Cole’s child. She also learns Victor is still drinking. When she attempts to break up with him, Victor becomes violent and physically abusive. She knees him in the groin and runs for her life. In a drunken rage, Victor strangles his cat with his bare hands and then storms off with his father’s gun in tow to find Toni.

The action culminates on prom night. Cole decides to return to NY and propose marriage at the prom. Before Cole arrives at the prom, Victor tricks Toni and delivers a message that Cole is waiting for her in the parking lot, but it is Victor who is actually waiting. Victor drags Toni around the back of the catering venue and attempts to take her life. Will Cole arrive at the prom before Victor kills Toni? The answer is yes. Victor is shot. Toni will recover and marry her love, Cole.